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Tableau DataFest 2022
in Partnership with Visidata
26th July 2022, Tuesday
Marquee, Cyber 2 Tower, Jakarta


About Us

an experienced team, equipped with the most innovative tools.

    VISIDATA is a company built by professionals with extensive track record in delivering business inteligence solutions for corporations. We focus on helping companies deal with data deluge using the right tools with the right approach.
    We learned from our clients experience that the the real measure of success in business intelligence is its extent of use by managers and users in their decision making and knowledge gathering.
    Our mission is to help our clients rapidly implement and get immediate returns from, a reliable and relevant BI and Data Management system.


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Tableau DataFest 2022 in Partnership with Visidata

- Jakarta, 26th July 2022.
- Marquee, Cyber 2 Tower.
- Product Innovation.
- Inspiring Data Stories .
- Analytics in Action.
- Connect with your #DataFam


Solution & Services

We have a laser focus on Data Management and Analytics solution.

BI and Analytics

- BI Reporting & Data viz.
- Business Dashboard.
- Geo/spatioal analysis.
- Data analysis/mining.
- Text mining

Data Warehouse

- Multi-layer modeling
- Data vault 2.0
- Near real time data
- Rapid fire analytical db (~100x)
- Cloud database

Big Data

- All data necessary for business
- Unstructed data, semi-structured as well as structured
- Apps: text analytics, log analysis, data offloading, voice & video
- Build real use cases

Database replication

- Replication/Mirroring
- Synchronization
- Database connectivity
- Database integration

Data quality mgmt & mdm

- Data cleansing, data dedup
- Data quality
- Data reconciliation
- Data preparation
- Automatic flexible data capture
- Process, data governance, policy, standard, and tool

Data enrichment & Demographic/map

- Data enrichment (map, demographic, market survey, business directory, financial data, media sosial)
- For BI and transactional app


Various industries and government sectors, in Indonesia and region.

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